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Include it in the bio. The life you live now isn’t the same life you were living ten, five, or even two years ago. Adapt for different platforms: You’ll most likely need to adapt the length and writing style of your biography to suit different platforms. And he even added missing details such as past companies and years of experience, which we could easily swap out for factual details when writing a bio for a real person. If you send a bio to a client or potential employer, highlight your most valuable skills. But she starts her bio from a humbler place, stating: «Nancy Twine is no newcomer to the beauty sphere — in fact, she made her first foray into the world of natural product formulation at the ripe age of five. You can also use the Teal AI Resume Builder Generative AI to craft a bio that highlights your unique professional journey and skills in an engaging way. You might write a first person version to post on your own website and create an even shorter LinkedIn bio and Twitter bio. You have one afternoon to come up with it, so you scramble together a bio that ends up reading like this. Even though your bio will be used in a professional capacity, it’s okay to list a few personal details.

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Now, it’s time to keep in mind some pro tips when writing a perfect bio for your website. On the other side of the same coin, showcasing professional details like work experience, skills, and achievements highlights your expertise and establishes your credibility within your field. Your email address will not be published. DJ Nexus’s bio brilliance doesn’t stop there. Tristen Taylor is a Marketing Manager here at HubSpot. Even with all of this information on how to write a bio, it might still be difficult to write about yourself. An often overlooked but essential aspect of professional bios is including personal interests and soft skills that make you well suited for your career. Learn more in our Cookie Policy. Bios, in general, don’t have a strict word count as it depends on the medium or platform used. Here’s how you can ensure a stable income in temporary and contract writing roles. By incorporating keywords relevant to your industry or niche, you can optimize your bio for search engines, making it easier for potential clients or employers to find you online. You use a professional bio template. Ever wondered how to make a tantalizing first impression with just a few lines of text. Humor, creativity and uniqueness still all matter just use fewer words to convey them. Here’s a hypothetical example. That condenses everything that matters for bio into three sentences.

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Plus, by mentioning the favorite topics he talks about, he instantly qualifies those he wants as followers. It offers a web design editor where you can style your website pages the way you wish, and publish them directly from the web. You may think, «How many people read professional bios, anyway. Amy is inspired daily by her husband and their two sons. Image taken from Strikingly user’s website. A professional bio often reflects a specific industry or niche. Learn more in our Cookie Policy. Here’s the bio input form I use with one of my clients. This is the perfect opportunity for you to share what you like to do for fun. It allows you to make a strong first impression on visitors interested in working with you or learning more about your services. And this is where a summary of what you do and where people can find you take center stage. Of course, the fantastic copywriting isn’t surprising, given that Mark wrote several books. Writing a professional biography for your company website is essential to establishing your presence online. Mary Smith is a consultant at Google and the founder and CEO of Smith Digital. A professional bio includes many of the same elements as a résumé, but the two are dissimilar in formatting and style. My own goal is to make science sexy and help researchers become better science communicators. With this approach, she creates a deeper connection and builds trust.

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It goes into detail about her first e commerce business and how it led her into writing for the biggest names in e commerce. Write a compelling headline or introduction that captures visitors’ attention. This lets Raye detail her values more in depth and how she shows them through her work. Keeping your bio updated is a simple yet effective way to engage and inform your followers about the latest developments in your business. You know what to include and how to include that creatively and uniquely. » But images that inspire me to travel. Click this link to access this resource at any time. For a short bio, you can stick with just one major accomplishment from your professional life. Let’s say Animal Crossing is your hobby. If you have a personal brand or business for example, a blog, freelance business or eCommerce site be sure to mention your brand name at the beginning of your bio. Sometimes, people might misunderstand a professional bio as a way to introduce your professional achievements only. Companies can also make use of Jasper’s bio templates with the company bio template. Use the drag and drop tool to add images and other graphic elements on each page. Customizable Templates. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, LinkedIn requires a much more professional tone. She sees an interconnectedness in nature and reflects that in her work, suggesting a creative process that goes beyond aesthetics to consider deeper themes and connections. Here’s a quick guide for maximizing the impact of your professional bio. You can also use the Teal AI Resume Builder Generative AI to craft a bio that highlights your unique professional journey and skills in an engaging way. I would say this: I think consistency is key. You can create an online store, and insert tools to cultivate your audience, such as a live chat and sign up form to register membership. With this in mind, your text should include relevant details that professionals in your industry know. Highlighting that the team is «always learning» and «constantly seeking out new perspectives» positions Teachable as a dynamic and innovative company—committed to growth and evolution. Avoid jargon whenever you can. Avant de rédiger une biographie professionnelle, il est intéressant de se poser la question de sa nature. People like to put a face to the name. Lindsay Kolowich is a Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot. Too long of a bio, and you risk losing your audience’s attention. But, Tim Cook showed it’s possible to do that. Are you great in communicating science. Keep it tight and only share as much is necessary to tell your story.

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Does it align with your career aspirations. It serves as an introduction to who you are and what you can offer, making it a powerful tool for attracting visitors and potential clients. If your bio is serving as a call to action to drum up business or get leads on job opportunities, it makes sense to include your contact information at the end of your bio. You can reach at or. This helps establish a connection and encourages readers to relate to you. Writer bio example text version. It goes into detail about her first e commerce business and how it led her into writing for the biggest names in e commerce. You can refer to various short personal bio examples to find out ways in which you can make the bio more interesting and noticeable. While the professional bio on his website takes a traditional approach, it still speaks to Mark’s audience. These bio templates will guide you on where you should place your. One of the first doubts about creating a professional bio is where to insert it. State your company or brand name. When writing your bio, you don’t want to boast while showcasing your accomplishments. Here are five samples to glean inspiration from. Maybe you founded your own company and want its name to be separate from your real name. This is a space to share examples, stories, or insights that don’t fit into any of the previous sections. It is often found on your About page, but it can be repurposed for social media platforms, your blog, other pages on your website, and more. It clearly outlines her two main pursuits: managing an online community and producing content for TikTok, making it easy for readers to gauge her interests and activities at a glance. Prioritize relevant information. From the first sentence, I gravitated toward Mouzon’s bio: «I’m obsessed with leveling the playing field. Professional bios usually include details about education, employment, achievements, and relevant skills. If this is the plan, then the ‘I’ perspective for the bio makes more sense. Start by stating your name and what you do. The features offered in our free plan would suffice to make a basic website. It provides all of the necessary information about you without overwhelming the reader. After reading your content, it’s up to you to decide what you want your readers to do next.

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You need an online space to keep your professional bio. You can add new skills, achievements, or projects that showcase your current work and goals. As a detail oriented worker, I successfully reduced document retrieval time by 25% through efficient organization and streamlined record keeping processes, a feat recognized by my peers. Here’s how to write a short professional bio that suits your website or brand. A short biography is typically four sentences, approximately 150 to 200 words or less in length. We really hate to be the one to tell you this, but unfortunately, most people do not have the time or patience to read a five paragraph essay about your life story. If you are using Instagram for professional purposes, your bio must also reflect that. It’s the window into your business’s or brand’s soul. This will help search engines understand your bio and rank it higher in relevant searches. Whichever tone you settle on, be sure you’re speaking directly to your audience and what they’re most likely to respond to. Learning little nuggets of information about you can put you ahead of other candidates they’re researching or other freelancers they’re in talks with. Check out these three great short bio from successful freelancers as models for how to craft your own. Think about it: Is that how you want most readers to feel when they read your bio. Get started by: Creating a website → Getting a domain →. These details will help establish credibility and show potential customers that you are dedicated to staying up with industry trends. While it’s attention grabbing, it may be confusing for some of your readers. Any of Jasper’s outputs could be combined, edited, or expanded in minutes to create a polished bio that showcases your areas of expertise, your professional goals, and your personality. You have mustered the courage to finally sit down to write a short bio.

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Just write about who you are and what you can do. Starting with a laptop emoji, Miss604 says she’s been a Vancouver blogger since 2004. You don’t dive right into the meat of the thing, do you. I love analyzing consumer behavior and leveraging data driven strategies to maximize ROI. Testimonials add a personal touch and allow potential clients or employers to see your value. The opening sentence needs to capture attention and immediately convey your unique value proposition or core expertise. Waxing lyrical about yourself can be uncomfortable, especially in the context of professional achievements and amazing things you’ve done. If you belong to a professional organization that plans to publish member bios on its website, your goal might be to promote your business to an audience of industry peers. Remember, while a professional bio showcases your personality and achievements, most job applications still require a resume. Think of your professional bio as a marketing tool, where you can also put a request for the readers. If you decide to use any of these templates, tweak it ever so slightly. Lisa loves the culture of Los Angeles and has been living there with her family of five since she graduated from college. For an inside look at how to set up your photography freelance career in a way that helps you win and keep clients, sign up for Bonsai for more tips, tricks, and tools. This is the perfect detail to add to your bio. When you get into the bio, you see that besides the companies Larry founded and publications he writes for, he re emphasizes his love for family by mentioning his kids. All of the words and phrases you had been stockpiling for months in your head suddenly disappeared. The first person uses pronouns like I, me, and my, and creates a more personal and conversational tone.

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For instance, while she highlights her girl boss attitude with a tiara emoji, she equally calls attention to her fashion interests Free People, her pets, Boss and Sadie, and her love for ramen noodles. This is an example of how you can introduce yourself in your professional bio. If you have access to PR or marketing professionals who are willing to review your bio, that’s good, too. Whether you’re a startup or an industry leader, establish your authority by discussing what sets you apart from the competition. This information also helps you connect better with like minded people. For instance, if you are a serious political writer, a funny bio is probably not going to bode well with your audience. This can help you write from a position of authority without feeling self conscious. In terms of finding or expanding on your job, a bio will cover your. I hear this ALL the time from my website design clients. Grammarly is here to help you choose powerful adjectives, clean up hedging language, and make your bio stand out. Be the first to add your personal experience. But Van Jones effortlessly explains who he is and why it matters to everyone who visits his Twitter profile.

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University degree and other qualifications. This is especially valuable if you’ve founded your own business or created your own website, as it can give you a distinct brand identity while helping your audience build a stronger sense of connection with your brand. You can reach at or. Before starting a writing business, Kate spent six years as a Bank Teller and Virtual Assistant for financial companies in the U. Any recognition that demonstrates expertise and validates your credentials will bolster your credibility and enhance your bio. All fields are required. By studying successful examples, you can gain valuable insights into what makes a bio captivating and engaging for visitors. Taking it a step further, Adidas has a separate webpage dedicated to their purpose and mission. The use of professional clothing is also essential to your image. Use emojis or symbols to add flair and break up the text, injecting personality into your message. It acts as a snapshot of your professional identity and serves as an introduction to potential clients or employers who visit your website. In particular, we love his description of why he chose to pursue guitar making. Instead of saying, «I love to write,» you can say, «Writer. Focus on staying authentic to your truth, and don’t worry about others’. But if that doesn’t work, try searching for bios of people in your industry to get some ideas. Jasper will create a fun and creative bio you can use wherever you like. So give an honest answer about your goals or mission so you can add color to your professional purpose. Using Examples for Inspiration. Just remember to be authentic, concise, and realistic, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a statement that reflects your business and what you hope to achieve. Strikingly Kickstart Program We Can Build Your Professional Website Bio. Where are personal bios required. Another key difference to note is that while a professional bio is written for a broad audience, your resume bio is written for a particular employer, and should be tailored to the specific job you’re applying for. How can you tailor your bio to their needs, interests, and expectations. Learn more in our Cookie Policy. Focus on what makes your company unique. Take one of HubSpot Academy’s free certification courses. While I’ve made my feelings about my company bio clear, I actually like my Twitter Bio.

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And inspire to explore for themselves. Click this link to access this resource at any time. If you decide to use any of these templates, tweak it ever so slightly. For instance, while she highlights her girl boss attitude with a tiara emoji, she equally calls attention to her fashion interests Free People, her pets, Boss and Sadie, and her love for ramen noodles. Okay, I’m being hyperbolic but you get it; Our bios are an important first impression and we often neglect them because it is uncomfortable to write about ourselves. Here’s a step by step guide on how to use it. What you highlight will affect how readers perceive you—as a job applicant, public speaker, author, or entrepreneur. Take Lena Axelsson’s bio, for instance. Your bio doesn’t have to be complicated. Strikingly offers built in analytics tools that provide valuable insights into visitor behavior on your professional website bio. It can feel awkward to brag about yourself, but this is the time to push that aside and share what you’re most proud of regarding the job. Why it works: This professional bio online is punchy and concise. She enjoys spending her free time exploring towns along the West Coast and swimming. Some professionals hire freelance writers to review their drafts, or even to create their professional bios from scratch. There are so many dry, dull company bios out there that seem to simply state the facts about a business and not much more. Raise your hand if you’ve ever said this. Lindsay Kolowich is a Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot. You need an online space to keep your professional bio. Showcasing personality is one of the important things to consider when you are writing your bio. When crafting a professional bio, it’s important to take into account the platform, purpose, and tone of the situation. Adding his TikTok account with almost three million followers is another excellent move. Being able to write an awesome professional bio is a skill that stands for you. For one, it is easier to upload photos and images. So give an honest answer about your goals or mission so you can add color to your professional purpose. For instance, String Nguyen uses a lot of 🍗 creatively in her LinkedIn headline. It’s inspired by your values and your life story. You never know who might be swiping right 😉. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest all have space for a short description of who you are and what you do. You can find multiple professional bio examples on LinkedIn and other professional platforms.

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You have one afternoon to come up with it, so you scramble together a bio that ends up reading like this. Your professional bio is an essential piece of writing, so edit it carefully. If you don’t have a Writesonic account yet, sign up now and claim your 2,500 words for free. This makes third person bios feel aloof or overly formal sometimes. Why it works: «Meet our wonderful team» feels like a personal invitation to get to know the group, which can make visitors more inclined to engage. Then, we’ll cover bio examples from some of the best people in the industry. You have pretty much understood how to write a website bio by now. Certain career changes and events such as a promotion, a new achievement, or specialized training, warrant an update to your bio, as do changes in any personal information you’ve shared.


Make sure you have one on your website and close at hand. You write a biography for someone else, so it’s good to answer the questions that most people want to know. For instance, she writes, «Ann Handley writes and speaks about how businesses can escape marketing mediocrity to achieve tangible results. What you highlight will affect how readers perceive you—as a job applicant, public speaker, author, or entrepreneur. Together, the first two sentences of your bio could read something like this. As a former library clerk, she loves to help nonprofits market their services. Consider how you might also highlight your interests, hobbies, or passions outside of the 9 to 5. Personal information/interests. Language can convey different moods. So, if you’re job searching in a formal industry, applying for grants, or trying to get published, you may want to stick to the third person. Avoid the temptation to use a one size fits all bio. You can also use the Teal AI Resume Builder Generative AI to craft a bio that highlights your unique professional journey and skills in an engaging way. Here’s what the guide covers. Let’s look at a few short bios you can take inspiration from. Why do you put a bio on your social media.

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Until every American who wants a job can get one, our country is not doing well. So before diving into your long professional bio, begin with a short bio to tease who you are, what you care about, and what you can do for others. What do you want your readers to do after reading your bio. Unlike a resume – which is a dry recitation of facts – or a personal biography about your personal life, a short professional bio is an opportunity to show off your personality and give potential employers a sense of what you’re like to work with. Make your primary responsibilities known so readers can know you and understand what you offer to your industry. Before her role at Stellar Finance Inc. Crafting an engaging, compelling, and authentic bio for your website is an art form. Never miss another article. To gain the audience’s trust, mention a few professional accomplishments in your bio. And people love to know how you’re different from other researchers. She knows how important a home is for long term happiness and has invested her career in putting people in the house they’ve always dreamed of. Although there is no hard and fast rule for content order, professional bio templates typically highlight your current professional activities and any particularly relevant accomplishments in the first sentence, move through background and experience, and conclude with a few personal details. The impact on the reader is more positive if there isn’t unnecessary information. When crafting your professional website bio, it’s essential to include elements that showcase your credibility and provide social proof. Here’s another excerpt from the middle. Something personal optional. Fitness trainers, residential leasing agents, make up artists, aspiring authors and , now e. Create a compelling professional narrative for a proper, attention grabbing introduction. The key to writing a great bio and anything really is packing light. Look for common elements such as concise yet informative content, a clear headline or introduction, and relevant achievements highlighted. Professional bios allow you to go into a bit more detail than short social media bios, especially on LinkedIn. What does this mean for his professional bio. People will read your professional bio to better understand who you are. What are your core values.

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Differentiate you from the competition. You never know when a fellow cat mom could be reading. Get more insights from this tutorial. Select a pre built template, edit it to fit your brand, upload the content, review, and publish. Decades later, I started selling homemade cupcakes at my son’s soccer games. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing. Who are your ideal clients, employers, or collaborators. A professional bio should be concise and focused, but the length varies. Again, just input some key facts about your business, and—voila. Megan Gilmore is a best selling cookbook author. The especially professional tone of LinkedIn sets it apart from any other social media platform. This New England based DJ has single handedly captured the Likes of over 2,000 people in and beyond Boston, MA. If you want to sound like an industry expert yet come across as being approachable, then Brad Colbow’s Udemy bio is ideal. She’s a marriage and family therapist — a job where empathy and compassion are a big part of the job description. Think of it like a case study about who you were, what you are now, and the process that got you to your current position. If you don’t have the numbers yet, don’t worry. Check ‘em out and use them as inspiration when crafting your own. How can you effectively engage stakeholders for clear communication.